Az elkövetkezendő 3 nap alapelvei

3 nap Bonnban, a Deutsche Telekom székhelyén, 400+ fős “all-hands” meeting. Az alapelvek itt olvashatóak angolul – nem érdemes lefordítani, nem hangzik olyan jól…

Ha lesz ingyen wifi, akkor lesz poszt is.

Deutsche Telekom’s five Guiding Principles

  • Customer delight drives our actions
    This is about the core asset of the company, the customer. It’s about the thoughts, emotions, needs and experiences of customers. They drive Telekom’s success.
  • Respect and integrity guide our behavior
    The second Guiding Principle is not only about respect among colleagues. This is also about the appreciation of customers, partners, suppliers and shareholders and for society and the environment.
  • Team together – Team apart
    The third Guiding Principle relates to the culture of cooperation. As a team, issues must be discussed openly. There has to be room for different opinions and serious discussions. But when a decision is made, it is final and will be implemented accordingly.
  • Best place to perform and grow
    For Telekom to become the most highly regarded company in the industry, it needs good, motivated employees. Therefore, this Guiding Principle is an obligation for all managers to recognize individual commitment and success and to offer a positive environment with opportunities for professional development.
  • I am T – Count on me
    The fifth Guiding Principle is the personal commitment of every employee. This means, for example, that each and every colleague is personally committed to finding a solution to a customer’s problem. The customer may be a consumer, but also a colleague, business partner or another corporate partner.